Pre & post Natal

Pregnancy Yoga

Stability, Mobility, Relax

To support and empower women on their own unique way towards motherhood.
Classes are designed to prepare a women’s body and mind for labour and the new life as a mother after giving birth.
It is important to connect to your body and baby as early as possible, to make this magical time an enjoyable und unforgettable experience. 
There are many benefits of yoga during pregnancy, improvement of posture which reduces back pain, better blood circulation throughout the body, more oxygen supply for mother and baby which helps with stress, anxiety and fatigue management. Strengthening of the right muscle groups in preparation for birth, and learning to let go of muscles and mind which aren’t needed during labour. 
It is advised to start after week 13 of pregnancy is completed.

Post Natal

Rebuild, Align, Connect

Re structuring all important muscle groups after pregnancy and giving birth is vital for every women’s recovery and future health after having a baby.
Thats why we are offering classes for all Mummy's by our post natal specialist, which are suitable after your 6 week post birth check-up until 12 months after giving birth.
Concentrating on rebuilding all the muscle groups that have shifted and weakened during this natural process of 9 incredible months of transformation that a women’s body is doing through.
No matter if you have given birth naturally or by C-Section the classes will be necessary and helpful for a speedy recovery and healthy lifestyle.

Mum&Baby Barre

Strength, Stability, Burn

Class gives you the opportunity to workout without having to leave the little one behind. The babies enjoy listening to the music and most times drift off into a deep sleep, whilst you are enjoying a full body workout class in a safe but challenging way for you to get back to your strong, healthy and fit self after pregnancy.
Suitable after your 6-8 weeks Postnatal check-up

Bring your little one along!

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