Vinyasa Yoga

Strength, Flexibility, Mindfulness

Focuses on continuous movement throughout the class, working on balancing strength and flexibility. Equally working with the body and mind at the same time through moving meditation. Enhances concentration, memory and the connection between body and mind. Leaving you calm and centred ready to take on the world.

Power Yoga

Strength, Sweat, Mobility

A dynamic moving flow getting the heartbeat up and creating fire within the centre. Learning to listen and move with the breath nourishing the mind at the same time as strengthening the entire body, leaving you feeling energised at the end of the class. Expect to work up some sweat and to let go on the mat.

Creative Flow

Strength, Flexibility, Balance

Strong & sweat inducing our Creative Flow is a offering for vinyasa lovers looking for an additional physical challenge.  Expect advanced asana playtime, arm balances, inversions and deep flows to build strength and stamina and energy.

Astanga Yoga

Stability, Alignment, Mindfulness

The physical ashtanga practice synchronises breath, asana (postures) and drishti (gaze point) to create a dynamic, flowing sequence and build an internal heat. This powerful combination helps bring strength and stability to the body, purify the nervous system and calm the mind.
The practice follows a set sequence of postures, starting with sun salutations, then standing and seated postures, and finally a finishing sequence and rest. In total, there are six series of postures that students learn gradually – but many if not most people find everything they need in the first and most important, the primary series.


Relax, Release, Calm

Our De-Stress class is designed to help you realise tensions we keep due to stress throughout our daily routines. We will be working on grounding and relaxing yin yoga moves and the deepening of the breath, leaving you relaxed and restored.


Calm, Connect, Relax

Classes are designed to help you find ways to relax, recover and rejuvenate. Finding your personal coping mechanism to get you through a hard day of work, stress or any challenges we face on a daily basis. We will be practicing different meditation techniques from breath-work, to sound and mantra meditation.

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